Aerial Videos and Photographic Packages

Aerial Videos and Photographic Packages

Our videos and photographic services offer:




Aerial Photographs


Price is per site and start from £150


Suitable for: survey work, estate agents, events.



•A cost effective option for survey work (suitable for roof work, building developments, environmental work)

•Promotional material (suitable for estate agents, leisure venues, events)

•Bespoke packages (suitable for weddings, celebration events)


Aerial Videos


Short un-edited 10 minute film (suitable for: survey work, estate agents) start from £200


We also offer bespoke edited filming suitable for promotional use or celebration events

Prior to any quotation, we offer a FREE no-obligation consultation in order we may tailor our packages to suit your needs


A combination package of Video and Photographs is available


Discounts are available on multiple packages