What area' do we operate in?


We currently offer services in the south east of the UK, based in Little Wakering Essex.

Is this weather dependant?


We can fly in wind speeds up to 15 mph. We cannot fly in the rain, If visibility is low due to fog or haze we will have to access if safe to fly when on site?


How high and far can the UAV go?


We are restricted by the Air Navigation Order to a Vertical height of 400ft (120 meters). Horizontal we are limited to 500m & keep a direct line of sight with the UAV. We can fly lower than a full size helicopter, which allows us to get much more dramatic video and detailed images. We are also able to fly indoors if required (Indoors is not under CAA Laws)



What area's we can't you fly in?


There are areas in the UK (normally around airports and military bases) where the air traffic is under a much tighter control. We also need the permission of the land owner to take off and land on private land. Urban areas, for example in London will require further CAA permission


Will you give us a demo?


Yes we are happy to arrange a free demonstration if you pay our travel costs within Essex, to give you an idea of what we can do.


How much does it cost?


Our prices start from £99.00 Inc VAT. (withing ten miles of our home area) We charge £30 per hour Inc VAT thereafter. Often a flight will last arond 20 minutes and we can get most images done within 24 hours. When you compare this to the cost of a full size helicopter at £1000 per hour approx, the savings are huge. Combined with the fact that a full size helicopter is not allowed to fly below 500ft we can take images that are much closer to the ground.




We are fully insured, and qualified for commercial drone use. We follow all the recommended and required CAA advice on UAV flying. We have over 60 Hours of flying experience.


Can you just rent the equipment or can I have a go?


No each of our pilots is fully qualified with a commercial drone pilot license, allowing him to specifically fly certain UAV’s. We will do the flying.


Planning and permissions.


Before each flight, we will plan and check all laws are being upheld. We will check with landowners, check land boundaries, and take into account all factors surrounding the flight. If extra permissions are required we will inform the CAA in writing.